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my favourite horror short story reads of 2014

These are the horror/weird fiction short stories I enjoyed most in 2014:

M. Burrage, The Soldier
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Captain of the Pole-Star
Dion Fortune, The Scented Poppies (1926)
Seabury Quinn, The Dust of Egypt (1930)
R. Wakefield, The Red Lodge

These were all stories that were new to me. I’d hesitate to recommend Dion Fortune - her stories are wildly uneven and often extremely bad but occasionally she really hit the target. I’d read a couple of Burrage’s stories before. He’s also a bit uneven but often very good indeed. Seabury Quinn is delightfully trashy and pulpy but his best stories are rather effective. Wakefield is an author I need to explore further. Conan Doyle is of course an old favourite of mine and I consider his horror fiction to be underrated.
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